Sustrans remain fully committed

You may have seen recent local press suggesting that Sustrans' plans for the Wye Valley Railway path have been abandoned. We're happy to report this is completely untrue. Despite making the difficult decision to reallocate lottery funds to other Connect2 scheme, Sustrans are currently compiling further technical information and reports requested by Monmouthshire County Council in order to progress the planning application to the decision phase. Once planning has been obtained Sustrans will be in a position to consider options to raise funds for the project.

If you would like to contact Monmouthshire regarding this please email, quoting planning reference number DC/2010/00783.

Plans were submitted on 23rd August 2010.

Eleri Cowen Plans have been submitted for a traffic-free path for families, walkers, cyclists, runners, mobility vehicles, wheelchair users and horse-riders by Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity.

The path will follow the disused 19th Century Wye Valley Railway line between Chepstow, Brockweir and Tintern.

The money that Sustrans has been given by the National Lottery for this project has to be spent in a limited timeframe, which means if the planning application is not successful they will have to spend it elsewhere.

At a time when local services are being cut it would be a great shame to lose this opportunity to invest in our local community.

We passionately support the project and invite you to do likewise.


We've had some questions recently about security on the route. Sustrans take this very seriously and have published a document on the management and security of their paths. Click here to download it.

It is considered that the proposal is acceptable, will not cause any further harm to highway safety, car parking demands and protected species have been appropriately addressed, will promote tourism within the area, meets the aims of sustainable development and does not conflict with the aims and objectives of Policies (R)FBE.1, (R)FT.2 and (R)FNE.11 of the District Local Plan Review

Tony Pope
Forest of Dean District Council Planning Officer