Some quotes from local people and authorities

It is considered that the proposal is acceptable, will not cause any further harm to highway safety, car parking demands and protected species have been appropriately addressed, will promote tourism within the area, meets the aims of sustainable development and does not conflict with the aims and objectives of Policies (R)FBE.1, (R)FT.2 and (R)FNE.11 of the District Local Plan Review

Tony Pope
Forest of Dean District Council Planning Officer

What a fantastic scheme! This can only be a positive for local businesses as well as ensuring the natural beauty of the Wye Valley is not harmed. This will be a huge asset to the Wye Valley and I for one will be getting my bike over there.

Veronica German
Welsh Assembly Member for South Wales East

Who could possibly object to such a marvellous idea which promotes tourism, encourages healthy living and makes clever use of a neglected piece of infrastructure?

Frank Barrett (originally from Tintern)
The Daily Mail Travel Blog (24/09/10)

I have a passion for walking and cycling and Sustrans' plans for the Railway Path sound fantastic. What an amazing resource for the people of the Wye Valley and the surrounding area. I am behind them 100%.

Sian Lloyd, Weather presenter and walking & cycling enthusiast

I have cycled to work every single day using the road, for 3 years. A safe cycle path for me would be so much better than using the road which can be so dangerous especially at rush hours. It would enable people to commute, exercise, learn to cycle safely, and not pose a threat to other road users. A cycle path would make a HUGE difference to many cyclists including myself.

Fiona Hunter Johnston
Brockweir resident

At a time when more and more people are abandoning their cars at weekends and taking to walking and cycling with their families, this scheme has to be commended. It also opens out opportunities for Wyedean pupils living in the Brockweir area being able to cycle to school safely, something that is impossible at the moment.

This scheme can only be a positive attraction for both local residents and visitors to our area and I give it my full support.

Jacqui Sullivan
County Councillor for St Mary's Ward, Chepstow

This sounds like a fantastic project and will really enhance the outdoor experience of those with access challenges. We need more paths that open up the countryside to everyone!

Marie Houlden
Founder of www.walkswithwheelchairs.com and www.walkswithbuggies.com

My chairman has asked me to contact you to let you know that we will give you any support that we can

John Tandy
Time and Place, Forest of Dean Road Safety Campaign

Badly disabled people visiting the country side see only the car park. A cycle path, including provision for mobility vehicles access would bring the excitement of adventure, and the therapy of tranquillity; in beautiful surroundings

Clifford Hudson

At the moment Brockweir has more young people and families than it has for many years. Movement for these young people can be very restricted. The availability of a cycleway would give them an opportunity to develop their autonomy, being able to travel to local villages, and - for those who want to - to cycle to their catchment area secondary school in Chepstow (Wyedean).

Lynn Stockley
Brockweir resident

The District Council will provide and improve recreational access to the countryside, and pedestrian and cycle routes between settlements.

Forest of Dean District Local Plan
Chapter 4

...improve accessibility throughout the County to enable all sections of the community to circulate more easily and safely to a range of services and facilities with a precedence of pedestrians and cyclists where appropriate.

Monmouthshire County Council Development Plan
Movement objectives, Chapter 9

One of the reasons why I am in favour of a valley floor cycle path is that I want cyclists to be able to enjoy the Wye Valley in the same way that car drivers can but without posing a risk to themselves or other road users.

Brockweir resident

The Forest of Dean and District Horse Riders and Carriage Drivers Association is delighted at the cooperation shown by Sustrans in recognising that equestrians will benefit from sharing in this safe off-road riding route and fully including them in the planning application.

Jenny Carling

Last week I stayed with Kate Humble at her beautiful home in the Wye Valley. We spent the weekend walking the dogs around the ruins of Tintern Abbey. Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity based in Bristol, hopes to reopen the Wye Valley railways line as a 'greenway' giving a traffic-free alternative to walkers, cyclists and riders between Chepstow and Brockweir, via Tintern. They would be applauded, as the link would provide a welcome attraction to the region.

Ben Fogle, Country Diary
The Sunday Telegraph (19/07/09)

Experience gained from the Peregrine Way Cycle route from Monmouth to Symonds Yat, over the last couple of years, suggests that worries over parking problems at the Monmouth end of the route were overdone. This route provides not only an important resource for local families to exercise safely together in the great outdoors, but for tourists to use to visit Monmouth from Symonds Yat.

A lower Wye Valley cycle route away from the dangerous A466 St Arvans to Tintern section is likely to attract more day visitors to the Wye Valley from Bristol, Bath etc. and touring cyclists from further afield. The importance of touring cyclists to the local economy was identified in the Wye Valley AONB Management Plan 2004-2007, where it was quoted that their average daily spend was £55.

Monmouth and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce fully supports the Sustrans planning application for a cycle route from Sedbury to Brockweir, with a link to Chepstow.

David Cummings
Chairman, Monmouth & District Chamber of Trade and Commerce

I believe that this is an opportunity to create a non-vehicle friendly route to Chepstow which will enhance the lives of our children. This proposed path will give them an opportunity to get on their bikes and ride safely and easily down to Chepstow, enjoying the countryside they are so fortunate to live in. Brockweir sits on Offas Dyke, and has a nice country pub and now a pretty decent village shop selling coffee and teas etc, so we are by no means immune from tourists, walkers etc. Without this extra money coming in, these two remaining services would suffer and potentially be lost.

Marcus Neale
Brockweir resident

Every opportunity should be taken to evolve more sustainable travel landscapes, with a stronger priority for walking, cycling and public transport at all stages of planning.

Quality of Life Policy Group, set up by David Cameron
Blueprint for a Green Economy

Improving access is not about deluging the countryside with visitors or riding roughshod over property rights... for too long the coastal access debate has concentrated on scare stories... As with the right to roam, it won't be like that.

Helen Philips, Chief Executive of Natural England
Disconnection from Countryside,The Guardian (07/07/09)