Supporter Map

We have plotted supporters' postcodes and aggregated them to protect personal information

This map shows the number of supporters as of 11th October 2010 (1293 people). Approx 70% live within a few of miles of the path and would be able to access it without getting in their cars.

Well over 1000 people have signed up on our website since June 2008. We have been very careful to remove duplicate and invalid entries so we can be as sure as possible that the data is accurate.

If you are interested in how we made this map: We used this to geocode the postcodes and we used this to agregate the numbers.

Some supporters only gave the first half of their postcode which accounts for the placing of some supporters a short distance from where they actually live.

We have taken off the zoom function (as of 16th September) as we had feedback to say the way the map was working out the aggregated numbers was confusing as it appeared inconsistant even though the total numbers were the same. The aggregation works by splitting the screen into 40 pixel squares and adding up all the supporters in those squares. This means some of the circles might not fall exactly on the centre villages in the area but they shouldn't be too far off. (The map originally used 60 pixel squares which is why it looks a little different now to the version that was published in the Wye Valley Review)

Click here for a larger version.